The project aims to explore opportunities of Shakh-Tau quarry, its recreational and educational potential while preserving biodiversity and traces of extinct species. We plan to summarize available materials on biodiversity collected by students, postgraduates and faculty of Bashkortostan State Pedagogical University after M.Akmulla for more than 30 years of studying shikhans. We also plan the involvement of Sterlitamak schools and teachers. The project team whose core consists of the faculty of the department of geography and geographic education has at their disposal such materials as reports of field practices, term and graduation papers, dissertations, collections and photos. During field works 2012 we are to clarify the location of the important objects/facilities in Shakh-Tau quarry vicinity which can enable (or hinder) the implementation of the project. Excursion routes will be laid for different target groups: schoolchildren, students and grown-up tourists, the methods and content of tours will be developed accordingly. We are to make up a description of facilities, conduct testing of the basic versions of the excursions, make publications in the mass media including Internet.

The main methods of the project development are

  • field study - a survey of the area, gathering materials (including photos);
  • designing - laying routes for excursions and their rationale;
  • mapping - the study of maps, plans and pictures, creation of new maps;
  • pedagogical experiment - testing trips with groups of schoolchildren and students

The project will be developed from March till September 2012 according to the following schedule: collection of materials, training of staff and students, development of plans (March). Site visits, clarification and harmonization of plans, allocation of orders in the working group (April). School Tours (April-May), their development and refinement of students trips (May-June). Making descriptions with collection of materials (July-August). Materials processing, mass media publications, report preparation (September).

Working Group: Shakirov A.V., Golubchenko I.V., Timerbayeva Z.Sh., Malikova R.S., Ahmatgalieva L.Z., Khairullina R.G., ChibilevA.A.

External contact, co-operation: teachers Sterlitamak (Suyargulov R.R., etc.), their students, teachers of Sterlitamak Pedagogical College, students, geographers, Moscow Pedagogical State University, the universities of Orel, Orenburg, tourist firm "World of Tours".

Among the additional  advantages of the project  there are study of current and historical biodiversity, the creation of an information base; cooperation of representatives of different structures, networking, collaborative activities and projects; creating an image of the area to draw attention to its problems and find their solutions; making a plan for area development, creating mechanisms to improve its appeal; biodiversity conservation, its increase due to the protection and return of rare species; ensuring sustainable development of the territory through a combination of different types of environmental management and monitoring of the landscape.