The Gurovo limestone deposit is located in the northwest part of Tula region within 35 km of the city of Tula, 16 km southeast of the town of Alexin and 1.5 km northwest of OAO GurovoBeton. The Novogurovsky settlement, where the quarry and the plant are located, is connected by 5.5 km branch railway with the nearest Sukhodol station (Kaluga-Tula-Ryazhsk railway). Within 9.5 km to the east of Gurovo deposit there is a highway Moscow-Simferopol.

In the north and northeast of the deposit the Vashana river valley is bordering. The Potryasovka clough is located in the eastern part of the deposit and the Verkhnyaya Yashevka village is located in the west. The Novogurovsky settlement is located in the south of the deposit. In the northwest direction there are possibilities for the deposit enlargement and consequently for reserves increment.

The mining area is formed by sheet like deposit of limestone and clay 1.7-1.8 km long in latitudinal direction, 1.8-1.9 km in submeridional direction with the area within the mining allotment of ca. 2.4 km². The quarry recultivation will be done in 2 steps: mining recultivation and biological recultivation on 265.7 ha (out of which 262.5 ha is quarry itself and 3.2 ha is an external dump). The recultivation measures looks as follow: 235 ha meadows, 3 ha water basin and 27.7 ha forest. Recultivation for agricultural purposes includes soil-forming process stimulation, crops selection, fertilization, chalking and choice of rational farming. According to the mining plan the lands are to be returned in 2016.

Описание среды обитания, флоры и фауны: 

The region of Gurovo deposit is situated in the zone of broad-leaved forests (aspen, birch, oak). The forests cover the slopes of ravines in the north-western and north-eastern parts of the quarry. The rock clefts are habitats for lizards, field mice and birds. On the upper level of the overburden, close to forest, different kinds of plants are growing (hypericum, camomole, cornflower, bluebell).