Pechurki quarry is an operating raw material base for OAO Slantsy cement plant. The main quarry material is limestone for clinker production.

Quarry recultivaton project provides for impoundment on the used territory.

The quarry is situated to the west of the town of Slantsy, Leningrad region, some 170 km south-west of St. Petersburg. The district has a well-developed infrastructure, industrial and transportation networks.

Pechurki quarry is located in the interfluve area between the Plyussa and the Narva rivers. The surface of the interfluve area is undulating with TVDSS from +39 to +48 m. Lower areas of the relief are swamped.

To the north of the quarry there is a pond (the territory of the quarry worked out at the beginning of the 70s.).

Описание среды обитания, флоры и фауны: 

Main phytocoenoses belong to the subzone of southern taiga characterized by mixed forest (spruce, pine, alder, birch, aspen, etc.) of various thickness and age with a well-developed shrub layer.

Among herbs there are hepatica, shamrock, spiraea, French willow, etc.

The animal world is represented by squirrel, hare, gnawing animals, beaver, fox, wolf, fallow deer, bear, etc.

The birds typical of the region are sparrow, titmouse, raven, wagtail, quail, hazel grouse, duck, etc.