Shakh-Tau deposit is situated on the territory of Isheevo settlement of Ishimbaisky region of Bashkortostan. It’s within 8 km of Sterlitamak and within 1,2 km of the confluence of the Seleuk river and the river Belaya. The deposit is located within the Belaya river valley.

In 1947 the mining plan for Shakh-Tau quarry was approved and its development started.

The deposit of reef limestone Shakh-Tau is a detached massif rising over the surrounding relief at 45 meters. The massif plane size is 700х1000m. Commercial deposit consists of limestone of early Permian period. It’s characterized by rock jointing, but the consistent pattern of rift direction can not be determined.

Overburden consists of a thin layer of coating loam and top soil, the thickness of those increases in the direction of the foot of the hill from 0 till 4-5 m, amounting at 12-14 m at separate swags. Overburden is made up of brown marl and loamy flaglike limestone of greenish grey, yellowish grey and brown colours.

Описание среды обитания, флоры и фауны: 

The territory adjacent to Shakh-Tau deposit belongs to high plain zone of Preduralye (the territory before the Ural Mountains) covered with mixed forests. Among the most common trees and plants are  oak, birch, elm, linden, bird cherry, pine, frutescent cherry, juniper, thyme, wild leek, Siberian cornflower, tick trefoil, perennial adonis, mat-grass, carnation.

Fauna is represented by fox, badger, corsac, polecat, European hare, Arctic hare, beaver-rat, quail, European partridge, lark, windhover, falcon, saker falcon, red-footed falcon, wild duck, pintail, European teal.

The Seleuk river is habitat for the following fish species: Percidae: perch,ruff; Yadidae: burbot; there are also gudgeon, roach, chub.

So far no special ecological research of flora and fauna of Shakh-Tau deposit and surrounding territory has been conducted.